The materials chemistry research group encourages post doctoral fellows, both national and international, to apply for Banting and Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarships to support their work in our group.
More information can be found on the Banting and Vanier websites.


Tamika Clarence

Research Associates & Postdoctoral Fellows
  • Thomas Wood: Postdoctoral Fellow, Ph.D. 2017, University of Toronto
  • Wei Sun: Postdoctoral Fellow, Ph.D. 2016, University of Toronto
  • Ulrich Ulmer: Feodor Lynen Research Fellow, Ph.D. 2016, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology
  • Lu Wang: Postdoctoral Fellow, Ph.D. 2016, Nanyang Technological Institute
  • Paul Duchesne: Postdoctoral Fellow, Ph.D. 2016, Dalhousie University
  • Lourdes Hurtado: Postdoctoral Fellow, Doctor of Science (D. Sc.) 2016, Universidad Autónoma del Estado de México
  • Yangfan Xu: Postdoctoral Fellow, Ph.D. 2018, Sun Yat-sen University

Graduate Students
  • Joel Loh: M.A.Sc. 2012, University of Toronto
  • Yuchan Dong: B.A.Sc. 2014, Nankai University
  • Young Feng Li: B.Sc. 2014, University of Toronto
  • Alexandra Tavasoli: B.A.Sc. 2014, University of Toronto
  • Thomas Dingle: B.A.Sc. 2015, University of Toronto
  • Mireille Ghoussoub: M.A.Sc. 2016, University of Toronto
  • Meikun Xia: B.Sc. 2016, Nankai University
  • Athan Tountas: M.A.Sc. 2015, University of Toronto
  • Abhinav Mohan: B.A.Sc 2019, University of Toronto

Undergraduate Students
  • Richard Chan, University of Toronto
  • Yilei Liang, University of Toronto
  • Saigovind Harikumar, University of Toronto
  • Wendy (Shoushou) He, University of Toronto
  • Jon Babi, University of Toronto

Visiting Students & Researchers
  • Yuping Liu, Visiting Scholar, Nankai University
  • Tingjiang Yan, Visiting Scholar, Qufu Normal University
  • Xiaoliang Yan, Visiting Scholar, Taiyuan University of Technology
  • Lili Wan, Ph.D. Student, Nankai University
  • Jiuli Guo, Ph.D. Student, Nankai University
  • Rui Song, Ph.D. Student, Xi'an Jiaotong University

Solar Fuels Team
Solar Fuels Team 2017

Solar Fuels From The Sun

Not Fossil Fuels From The Earth